MAK (Maschinenbau Kiel) was founded in 1948 and manufactured marine diesel engines, diesel locomotives, diesel railcars and tracked vehicles. Since 1920 - initially by MaK's predecessor company - marine diesel engines have been manufactured. This division was acquired by Caterpillar in 1997. Today, MaK is considered one of the leading manufacturers of medium-speed marine engines and gensets for passenger vessels, ferries, cargo ships, tugs and salvage vessels, as well as fishermen, government agencies and dredgers, both on inland waterways and offshore.

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MAK marine engines

We offer spare parts for subsequent diesel engines from MAK:


  • 282AK
  • 451AK
  • 452AK
  • 453AK
  • 551AK
  • 552AK
  • 453C
  • 552C
  • M20
  • M25
  • M32
  • M43

Available spare parts for MAK marine engines

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