SEMT Pielstick

The engine manufacturer SEMT Pielstick was founded in 1946 in France by Gustav Pielstick. The company built marine engines and land units with a power output of about 200 - 1000kW per cylinder. The 18-cylinder PC4.2B was one of the most powerful 4-cylinder engines worldwide in the year of its release in 1985. In 2006 SEMT Pielstick was completely merged into MAN. We regularly supply spare parts for PC2.5 series to our customers

We supply spare parts with high quality, according to their requirements as OEM or aftermarket parts.

SEMT Pielstick marine engines

We offer spare parts for subsequent diesel engines from SEMT Pielstick:

SEMT Pielstick

  • PC 2
  • PC 2.2
  • PC 2.2
  • PC 2.6
  • PC 3
  • PC 4 PC2 NOHAB F10
  • PC 2.2 NOHAB F20
  • PC 2.5 NOHAB WN25

Available spare parts for SEMT PIELSTICK marine engines

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