Stern tube seals

Wärtsilä Corporation is a Finnish industrial group. Started as a sawmill, the company is now "a global leader in intelligent technologies and holistic solutions across the product lifecycle for the marine and energy markets." (Wikipedia) Wärtsilä's focus was engines. With the acquisition of Deep Sea Seals  -the sterntube division of U.K.-based John Crane-as well as Sweden's Cedervall and Japan's Japan Marine Technologies (JMT), Wärtsilä also competes with world-leading manufacturers in sterntube seals.

Other manufacturers and service providers from other maritime sectors have been acquired over the course of the company's history. Meanwhile, you could (almost) completely equip a ship at Wärtsilä.

Since 2016, we have represented the "Seals and Bearings" area (Deep Sea Seal, JMT - Japan Marine Technologies, Cedervall). However, we are also able to supply spare parts for the engines - especially for the smaller engines.


  • Manebar EK
  • Manebar EJ
  • Manebar EL
  • Manebar EN
  • Manebar EW


  • Set Small Nr 2 - 9
  • Set Large Nr 11 - 16


  • PSE
    • Service kit A – 5 years
    • Service kit B – 10 years (non split version)
    • Service kit C – 10 years (fully split version)
  • Enviroguard M seals
  • Enviroguard MB and M4 (formerly Wärtsilä Iceguard)

Other Wärtsilä Shaft Line Solution Products

  • Airguard
  • Sandguard seal
  • Sternguard IWSS
  • Sternguard OLS
  • Sternguard MKII(M)
  • Jetguard AN-W


  • Steerguard
  • Floodguard
  • Wärtsilä electric pod & thruster seals
  • Bioseal
  • Lipseal


Wärtsilä's hydraulic equipment includes a range of high friction couplings, propeller nuts and shaft flange bolts.

  • OHSN,
  • OHSM-V
  • OHSM
  • OHSM-B


  • Sternsafe (oil lubricated bearings)
  • Envirosafe (composite water lubricated bearings)
  • Steersafe (composite rudder stock and stabiliser bearings)
  • Linesafe (fully split, hydrodynamic bearing with a self-aligning design)
  • Wärtsilä thrust bearing solutions (single collar, self-aligning thrust bearings)

Andere Marken

  • John Crane Lips
  • Simplex