Scania AB is a Swedish manufacturer of complete commercial vehicles and buses as well as marine and industrial engines. Scania Power Systems marine engines, ranging from 220 to 1,150 hp (162-846 kW), are designed to provide the best possible equipment in any situation. It combines quality with very high performance. The name Scania is the Latin name for the historic Swedish province of Skåne.

We supply spare parts with high quality, according to your wishes as original parts or OEM.

Scania marine engines

We offer spare parts for subsequent diesel engines from Scania:


  • DI09 070M
  • DI09 072M






  • DI13 070M
  • DI13 071M
  • DI13 072M
  • DI13 073M
  • DI13 077M
  • DI13 078M
  • DI13 080M
  • DI13 081M
  • DI13 082M
  • DI13 085M
  • DI13 086M
  • DI13 092M




  • DI16 070M
  • DI16 071M
  • DI16 072M
  • DI16 073M
  • DI16 076M
  • DI16 077M
  • DI16 079M
  • DI16 080M
  • DI16 081M
  • DI16 082M
  • DI16 083M

Available spare parts for Scania marine engines

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